Curiosity & Creativity

I listened to an amazing podcast this morning The Ted Interview with Elizabeth Gilbert who talked all things creativity, grief and death and following your curiosities.

It got me thinking about how following those little breadcrumbs and curiosities in my life has lead to some amazing stuff!!  I was always the gal who didn’t know her passion and I still don’t know!!  But what I do know for sure is that following those creative calls (small and big) and by taking step by step action lead me to experiences of inner growth.

The effect of saying YES is compounding, you are saying yes to curiosities, yes to yourself and to the manifesting universe around you!

So, if you have that little spark of an idea in your belly, its a feeling when something inside you does a little jump or excitement, please follow it.

In my experience, following the spark leads you to great places – it might lead you to an experience that is temporary or long lasting but it paves your life, step by step and then you are truly living, feeling all the feels, and saying yes to life.