Mindful social media?  Is it possible.  First let’s define what is mindfulness?  Mindfulness is to live in the present and in the moment without any judgement of what arises.  Mindfulness is for any individual and everyone is capable of living in the present moment.  Allowing mindfulness into daily life enables you to live in the here and now culminating peace of mind and clarity.

Mindfulness & Social Media? 

Now to pop a spanner in the works and join social media and mindfulness, can it be done?  With a few boundaries and ideas, yes it can!

We all know that social media can be a wonderful medium.  Social media brings together people’s views and perspectives on life along with beautiful images from all around the world.  It gives us the opportunity to forge online friendships and create tribes and connects us to amazing businesses, services and products.

However, social media has the ability to make us even more disconnected from the world and ourselves if not treated carefully and mindfully.

That said social media is definitely here to stay, apart from denouncing all social media, disabling all your accounts and choosing to go live in a cave.

Here are some mindfulness tips to assist you so you can mindfully use social media with all the amazing benefits.

But first, Self Care!

Yes, that means getting a bit strict with yourself!  It can sound a tad rigid but social media addiction is real (why do you think I am writing this…errmmmm I might be a tad addicted!!!).

You may be saying to yourself that you don’t need to put boundaries around the use of social media?   However, if you can identify with grabbing your device and logging into social accounts as soon as you wake up then please read on!

Here are some self care practices you can do instead:

Hydrate – Drink a nice big glass of warmish water with a pinch of salt and a squeeze of lemon or lime juice.  Sit down to drink it or even better if you can go outside on the grass, making sure you drink the water slowly and mindfully.  Letting your body wake up and hydrate.

Breathing – Do some mindful breathing as soon as you wake up. Close down your eyes, put your hand on your heart and imagine your breath is being taken into your heart and your heart is breathing for you.  Practice as long as you like but aim for 5 minutes to start.

Movement – Do some light yoga, Sun Salutations or even better get on the mat and let your body guide you, it doesn’t have to look pretty or flow like a yoga class just start moving your body in ways that feel good!

Journaling – Just let go, it doesn’t have to be neat and tidy or soulful or poetic.  It can be messy, full or swear words and crazy talk…just get it out of your mind onto paper.

Do all 4! – Wow look at you go!

Once you have taken time for mindfulness and self-care, perhaps give yourself 5 or 10 minutes to post for the day or have a quick scroll and update yourself on what happened overnight.  Before you know it the habit of grabbing your phone as soon as the eyes open will be replaced by self-care and mindful actions.

Create a Social Media Scrolling Schedule

Create some rules (i.e. I will look at my social media accounts at 8.00am for 15 minutes and then again at 3.00pm for 5 minutes and at 8.00pm for 10 minutes).

Only you know what feels right in your body/mind.  Create a social media scrolling timetable that works within your schedule and you know you will be able to follow.

If at first you have to put your phone away in another room or turn it off completely it might be just what you need.  They say it takes about 21 days to create a habit, why not start your social media gazing schedule today!

Make it Meaningful

Simply put, only post when you are called to.  You don’t have to post something just because you feel you have to keep up with the crowd.  There have been many a time where I would post for the sake of it with not much intention behind.  Feel and tune into what you are posting before you do.

Make it meaningful, something you want to share with the world, a beautiful picture you took or came across a funny or heartfelt story.  If you feel the impulse to just post something for the sake of it and you don’t even know why, stop for a moment close your eyes and feel into why you want to do it.  Perhaps you are feeling lonely, wanting to connect. Or you might be hungry or thirsty or just need a hug!  You will be surprised what you tune into when you become mindful about the process.

Be aware of your posture, breath when scrolling

I wonder if you notice how you sit and breathe when scrolling on social media?

Next time you are caught in the social media rabbit hole stop, drop and tune in for a moment where is your breath, how is your posture, is your jaw tight, are you hunched over?

Enjoy the Feed

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through social media not entirely conscious of what you are doing….just scrolling in a daze!  Don’t worry me too!   Become aware of those times, we all do it.

Tune in, take a breath ask yourself do I really need to be doing this right now or can I achieve something greater with my time?

If the answer is YES this is where I want to be then perhaps mindfully appreciate the pictures and take time to read the text on each post. Appreciate the beauty in each post, the beauty in humanity and sharing of stories and quotes and images.

If the answer is NO…then empower yourself and put the phone down. Do something else with your time, even if that means staring out into nature!

How did you go?

Well there you have it, some mindfulness tips for our beloved social media addictions (I joke I joke).

Now, let’s all take one mindful breath INHALE and EXHALE bringing some of these practices into your scrolling today!


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