I’m Melina, your heart centered, intuitive and joy filled Virtual Assistant.

I support and nurture the overworked and overwhelmed Soulful & Heart Based Biz Babe.  You don’t have to do it all on your own!

I’m Melina, your heart centered, intuitive and joy filled Virtual Assistant.

I support and nurture the overworked and overwhelmed Soulful & Heart Based Biz Babe.  You don’t have to do it all on your own!

Me, you and a whole heap of magic!


You can think of me as your business bestie, your right hand intuitive gal who can take over those back end admin tasks you just no longer have time for (or perhaps you don’t even know where to start)!

It’s time to take a deep breath and be fully supported in your business.

A little about me…


I’m Melina, your heart centred, highly intuitive and joyful Virtual Assistant.

I am also a yoga teacher, wellness enthusiast, puppy obsessed and all round lover of life!  You can find me hanging out in my beautiful home high in the hills of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, drinking cacao, meditating and soaking up the sunshine.

In my previous work life I was a legal assistant/paralegal with over 20 years on the job experience.  Working in the legal industry I developed unique skills in meeting critical deadlines, managing sensitive and confidential information and dealing with many different personality types that translates over perfectly for bringing some of that left brained organisation to your online business.

I love helping my clients create spaciousness and time in their lives!  So you can focus on the things that matter the most.  Be that your health, family or other creative aspects of your business with less stress, less overwhelm and less exhaustion.

You can find out how to work with me HERE.

What my client’s are saying…

Soulful, professional and magical. My go-to manifestation maven and all ‘round earth angel, Melina has been an absolute game-changer for my biz and my soul! This woman is so extremely reliable, efficient, intelligent, creative and intuitive in exactly what I need!

From huge project launches and up leveling in my business to muddy, gritty back-end editing and updating of website pages, setting up sales funnel and marketing campaigns, designing templates and workbooks to doing any admin I need. Melina has a radiant, goddess vibe and a hell of a lot of admin and tech knowledge! She is savvy about all things and has a natural flair for aesthetics. If you are wanting a VA with a whole lot of heart and a massive load of skill and efficiency, then Melina is your girl!

Rosie Chehade

Leadership Mentor & Master Coach, Happiness Lifestyle

I love working with Melina.  Intuitive, creative, organised and all round amazing!

From social media to assisting me with website creations, she is my go to gal when I need those extra set of hands and a creative flair!

Karla Pizzica

Sacred Brand Strategist, Sacred Strategy

Melina is amazing to work with!  From the beginning she was responsive in a timely matter, and receptive to my vision and what I needed.

She also took creative liberty to help me design beautiful templates for my newsletter, promotions and website. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with her again in the future!

Karli Kershaw

Love & Relationship Coach, Karli Kershaw Coach

Melina is my VA Angel, besides being such a kind, beautiful, creative, amazing, heart centered person, she has made my work a ton easier and so much more fun. She always immediately gets what I want, sometimes even better than I know myself!  I love her creativity and her punctuality. She puts order in my chaotic brain and helps me do my work so much better. The outlook she has created for my business whether it is in my emails, my website or any other business related tools is always so beautiful and my clients give always the best feedback about her work, which then reflects back to me (lucky me :)). I can highly recommend Melina as a VA, she is the best!

Katelijn Schutte

International Transformational Coach, Transform Deeply

Melina is such a pleasure to work with. She brings ease and joy to the parts of my business that bring me the most stress and leaves me with the confidence to know that my work is in safe hands. She is patient (with both me and my clients), efficient and brings an effortless grace to everything she does. 

Jordanna Levin

Author, Content Creator, Podcast Host, Jordanna Levin

I have had Melina as my VA for the last couple of years. I have found Melina to be a Godsend, she is very friendly, supportive and helpful.  I have total trust with giving Melina access to my private accounts and know that she will always do that is best and financially viable for me and my business.  I have always found Melina to be very encouraging and understanding if I did not understand the technical side of a website task and has taken the time to explain the working of any process.  Melina is prompt with her responses either with the completion of the task straight away or advising if there is a time delay due to her other workload. I always know that she is either attending to my task, is unable to complete this task as it is out of her sphere of knowledge or gives a time frame that is well within my requirements.  Melina has gone above and beyond to support me in my business as a Life Coach.

Kerri Speyers

Life Coach, Life Choices Coaching

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